Sail - Ezzy Lion 7.5
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Ezzy 2012 Lion 7.5 SQM

Inspired by 8-time world champion Kevin Pritchard, the Lion is the new king of cambered freeride speed sails. It’s a predator that is bred to hunt down other sailors and devour them!

The Lion is fast flying over the water, and fast to get on the water–easy to rig with Ezzy cams.

The Lion is also easy to waterstart and uphaul with a narrow mast sleeve that doesn’t hold excessive heavy water. With a wide wind range, you need fewer sails, meaning less time deciding what to rig.

The Ezzy Lion is light, making jibes snappier and more consistent. Unparalleled Ezzy build standards guarantee the Lion is strong, using the latest high-tech fabrics (like Technora, Spectra, and Color-Fusion Trilite). Without a single speck of monofilm, the Lion has the same Ezzy construction developed to survive years of use and abuse.

And of course, like every Ezzy, each Lion is rigged and tuned in the factory so that it is ready for you right out of the bag.

Sail longer, stronger, faster, and more competitively with the new Ezzy Lion.

• Luff: 479-481 cm
• Boom: 209-214 cm
• Battens: 7
• Cambers: 2
• Recommended Mast: 460

Not all colors of the Lion are in stock and may be backordered. Also, oversize shipping charges may apply. Call or email for details.

  • Item #: ES LION75
  • Manufacturer: Ezzy Sails

Sail - Ezzy Lion 7.5

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