Sail - Ezzy Cheetah 7.5
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Ezzy 2012 Cheetah 7.5 SQM

With a strong, locked-in profile supported by seven horizontal shaping seams, the Cheetah is stable and balanced, allowing you to focus on going fast, even at the highest of speeds.

The materials used in making the Cheetah’s body read as a list of ultra-high tech sail cloth materials: Technora on the leech resists stretch, white and Color Fusion Tri-Lite reduce weight, Spectra X ply give the Cheetah lasting durability, and the cnc’d stainless steel tack pulley makes down hauling a breeze. And, as with every Ezzy, the Cheetah is rigged and tuned in our factory before being shipped out to your local shop.

• Luff: 479-482 cm
• Boom: 206-214 cm
• Battens: 7
• Cambers: None
• Recommended Mast: 460 cm

Not all colors of the Cheetah may be in stock and can be backordered. Also, oversize shipping charges may apply. Call or email for details.

  • Item #: ES CHEETAH75
  • Manufacturer: Ezzy Sails

Sail - Ezzy Cheetah 7.5

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