Mariner Sails $50 Gift Certificate

Mariner Sails Gift Certificate

When you have a sailor or paddler on your shopping list and you don't know what to get, Mariner Sails Gift Certificates are the perfect gift.

Easy to use on-line - Just enter Gift Certificate and your certificate # in the customer comment field and we'll apply the balance to your order!

This is a handy $50 Gift Certificate but our Gift Certificates are available in increments of $1.00 (see link below).

Mariner Sails Gift Certificates are good until used - no expiration dates and no fees for not using them within some goofy time frame. And we'll be happy to mail gift certificates to the address of your choice (simply fill out the Ship To field on the order page).

No shipping charges will apply to Mariner Sails Gift Certificates - we'll mail the gift certificate for free. So just ignore any shipping charges or tax that shows up with an order for a Gift Certificate.

  • Item #: MSGC50

Mariner Sails $50 Gift Certificate

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