2011 Ezzy Freeride 9.5M Sail
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Ezzy 2011 Freeride Five 9.5M

The Freeride 5 is designed for sailors of all levels who take their windsurfing seriously. Whether you want to be the fastest on the water or make perfect jibes, the unique draft-forward profile of the Ezzy Freeride allows you to sail with greater efficiency and less effort. The Freeride 5 is perfect for flat water blasting and bump-n-jump sailing.

Strong and light and no monofilm.
The Technora® and Tri-Lite materials used in the Freeride makes it undeniably the finest handcrafted freeride sail in the world.

Easy to tune.
Tuning the Freeride is a snap. For setting the downhaul, there are visual indicators on the leech which show you exactly how much downhaul to apply. For setting the outhaul, the Freeride has three clew guide cords, one for light wind, one for medium wind and one for high wind. All you do is set your boom to the length of the guide cord and then outhaul to the end of the boom.

You’re not the first to rig it.
Our quality is guaranteed because we rig every sail in our factory before it’s shipped.

• Luff: 438-440 cm
• Boom: 175-183cm
• Battens: 6
• Recommended Mast: 430/25/21

Not all colors of the Freeride are in stock. Also, oversize shipping charges may apply. Call or email for details.

  • Item #: ES FR95
  • Manufacturer: Ezzy Sails

2011 Ezzy Freeride 9.5M Sail

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